The Common Oars

On the 27th of May 2017 The Common Oars will be attempting to row around Great Britain in order to achieve two things:

1. To break the world record time of 26 days, 9 hours, 9 minutes and 4 seconds.
2. To raise as much as we possibly can for the NuVasive Spine Foundation – an incredible charity aimed at helping patients with spinal problems in developing countries.

The teams non-stop adventure begins when they set off from Tower Bridge, London, on the May bank holiday. The team will navigate some of the most turbulent waters, busiest shipping lanes, strongest tidal currents and unpredictable weather of anywhere in the world.

The row will be completely unaided which means the team will carry everything they possibly need such as food and medical supplies from the very beginning right up until we cross the finish line back at Tower Bridge.

Any physical contact with land or another vessel would result in the row being classed as aided, and as a consequence no world record could be broken. However the opportunity to complete the challenge would still be very much alive.

The team will be rowing non-stop to ensure the boat is always moving. They will be rowing in a 2 hour on, 2 hour off shift pattern 24 hours a day. Upon a successful return, they would join an elite group of people who have achieved this astonishing feat of human endeavour. In fact more people have journeyed to the moon than have successfully rowed around Great Britain.



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